Old Animation

Lost Cat

My 2019 senior thesis film. Lost Cat follows a girl chasing her wayward pet, confronting her social anxiety, and traveling through a surreal environment. It was a great opportunity to practice character animation and using surreal imagery to convey the main character’s emotions.

Rootin’ Tootin’ Electric Moon Rodeo

Created by Xochitl Cornejo and Amber St. Onge in collaboration with NASA scientist Dov Rhodes, PhD. Our goal was to create an animated film based on Rhodes’s research on solar winds and their effects on moon craters. The resulting film is a wacky story about a cowboy on the moon.


A short animation that playfully explores the concept of “time.”

What’s Left Behind?

Using AfterEffects compositing techniques to combine 2d animation with live action film, I asked my friends an important question: do you believe in ghosts?