Payden’s Pronoun Party , written by Blue Jaryn, is a fun, cheerful story about Payden, a young child searching for the pronouns that feel just right. This book is Xochitl Cornejo’s debut in picture book illustration. Payden has always used he/him pronouns, until one day Payden realizes those words might not fit. Payden’s parents promise to throw a big party to introduce whatever pronouns Payden chooses–but which pronouns are the best match? On a colorful quest, Payden talks to friends about a rainbow of possibilities: he, she, they, ze, and so many more! Set to be released October 4th, 2022, the book can be preordered here:
Barnes & Noble
Francie and Finch
Head House Books
Horizon Books
Bokus (Sweden)
Fishpond (Australia)